the team


Jon Thornhill

4Challenge founder, Jon Thornhill, is a Director at ASK4 – an expert internet service provider specialising in student accommodation. Moved by the work of Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity, he thought thought he might as well add fundraising and a 380 mile bike ride into an already hectic schedule. Well, why not...


Reagan Worsnop

Reagan is assistant to the ASK4 Directors, and as we all know, not much gets done without the hard working administrators plugging away behind-the-scenes. What doesn’t Reagan do for 4Challenge? You get the idea.



Billy Kontoulise 

Billy is ASK4's Commercial and Bid Manager. Having met some of the selfless and dedicated staff at Weston Park Hospital (and been relentlessly subjected to Jon's formidable skills of persuasion), Billy will be assisting Jon and Reagan with the organisational and logistical challenges involved in such an epic adventure.


Michael Cox

As a life long cyclist who worked in the cycle industry for 14 years, Mike is involved in route planning, giving equipment advice, and offering cycling and training techniques for the less experienced riders.  At ASK4 Mike runs our Project Delivery teams so is used to getting things and people to the right place at the right time.


Andrew Wardlaw

Self-confessed "not fit enough for the ride", Andrew is putting his many skills to use for 4Challenge. A keen photographer, he will be capturing challenge goings-on and live-blogging during the ride. As a qualified volunteer first aider, Andrew will also be patching up riders should they need it. Andrew is an ASK4 Service Management Project Co-ordinator.

Revo Creative

4Challenge had to look good, so we looked no further than Revo Creative. Owner David McNeill is kindly donating his creativity to produce all things visual. A fantastic branding and graphics company with an extensive portfolio - worth a look.


You Say Social

You can’t effectively get the word out about anything these days without using social media. Jess and her team at You Say Social are donating time and expertise to boost the 4Challenge profile and share the challengers’ stories.