The Challengers

Jonathan Thornhill

from ASK4

Taking part... to make a real and sustainable difference to the welfare of patients and families who are faced with a terrible life changing disease.

Did you know... I still hold the Boys 10 year old's 50m Breaststroke Record of 42.92 seconds at Stockbridge Pentaqua Swimming Club set in 1989.

Billy Kontoulis

from ASK4

Taking part...because having seen the amazing work of Weston Park Cancer Hospital, it's a privilege to be able to contribute. I'm very new to the cycling world, but last year's 4Challenge was an inspiration to get out of the support van and onto the saddle!

Did you know...only one of the people in this photo is me.


Chris French

from Hinde House School

Taking part... because like many people my family have been specifically affected by cancer and raising funds for Weston Park hospital is a positive way to help the amazing work they do each day. It is also a great opportunity to involve our school more widely in supporting such a good cause.

Did you know... I am a keen cyclist and have done several challenging endurance rides over the years. However, I have never repeated one challenging day with another!

Andrew Kernall

from Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Taking support this amazing effort in the fight against cancer. I'm looking forward to enduring blood, sweat and tears not to mention a sore behind while my colleague sits very relaxed in the comfortable medical support vehicle.

Did you know....the last time I did something like this, I had three punctures, two snapped derailleurs, a wobbly wheel and not forgetting that one sore behind.


Rachel Dawes

from ASK4

Taking challenge myself and to raise money for a charity that has helped people I know or knew. 

Did you know... I qualified as a rifle range conducting officer.

Lia E Boot

from ASK4

Taking part... for my Aunt and my husband’s Grandfather to raise funds for Weston Park Cancer Charity so they can continue to make a real difference to people’s lives affected by cancer. 


Mathew Booth

Taking part...because I followed my friend last year and he's convinced me to get involved this year supporting a great cause.

Did you know...I once brought an Ambulance off eBay and drove it from London to Mongolia via Iran.


Andrew Wardlaw

from ASK4

Taking part...because I was part of the support crew last year and seeing such a monumental effort from the riders spurred me on to get fit and be a rider for 2016. I know many people who have been affected by cancer, and Weston Park does such amazing work, how could I not.

Did you know...I've flown a  plane solo.


Adam Tuffnell

from OneFathom

Taking part… because having lost my Dad and close friends to cancer, this is a cause I really believe in.

Did you know… I have just started karate classes — should be a ninja by next Christmas.

Simon Verona

from DMS Navigator

Taking part... again after 4Challenge 2015 and seeing the dedication and  efforts of the whole 4C team – organisers, helpers, riders and sponsors. I’ve seen the results that the money raised has had as Weston Park  and this spurns me on to help to raise even more – having a bigger effect on the current and future treatment of cancer.

Did you know... I once met Peter André in a lift, in a hotel in Torquay!

Sam F.jpg

Sam Fourie

from ASK4

Taking part...because I know of a family who needed the services of Weston Park and how much the hospital helped. I am a proud Dad of two and me taking part for such a awesome cause will inspire them to help others in years to come and I know they will be pretty chuffed with me for completing the challenge. 

Did you school year I was placed on detention twice in one week for being late at school due to 3 White Rhinos blocking the gate!   

David R.JPG

David Rowley

from the NSH

Taking part...because I've had friends and family members live and die with cancer. So when asked to join the ride it felt like too good an opportunity to be able to raise some money for this worthy cause doing something I love.

Did you know...I lived in Utrecht for 4 months and learnt to speak Dutch whilst I was there.


James Brocklehurst

from The Juice

Taking part...because cancer effects everyone's life at some point and I felt it was my time to raise money for such a great cause!  Bike, road, adventure, here I come.

Did you know…I’ve moved house 9 times in 20 years!

Dan Moore.jpg

Dan Moore

from Ship Shape Health

Taking support the amazing work 4Challenge are doing and all the guys pushing their limits to raise money for a great cause.


Ross Moya

from ASK4

Taking part…because aside from challenging myself, I've seen cancer affect friends and family over the years so anything I can do to help seems like time well spent.

Did you know…I can stand on my hands.

Owen Brown

from Hinde House School

Taking part...because Weston Park treated my mum. I know first-hand what a fantastic, supportive team they have and I want to help them to be able to help others who were in my position.

Did you know...I once beat a dog in a cracker eating contest!


Marc Mclean

from Ship Shape Health

Taking part...because, along with Dan, I have been asked to support the riders along the way, and knowing friends and family who have benefitted from Weston Parks care and attention it feels right being involved from start to finish.

Did you know...I've still not had to dye my hair as my 3 year old daughter says my hair is black, and who can argue. 


Neill Birchenall

from BirchenallHowden

Taking part...because in February 2015 our friend and colleague’s 5 year old daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer. We did what we could to support them but the amazing people at Weston Park Hospital and The Children’s Hospital did so much more. Today Phoebe is cancer free and I’m riding to support Weston Park Cancer Charity and the care they provide. 


Tom Bird

from Portfast Ltd

Taking part...because I got roped in by Jon Thornhill at a LINX meeting last year. So here I am again!

Did you know...I can speak Catalan...badly.

Adam Sharpe

Taking part...because I was training with Sam Fourie for his ride when he told me I could join the group. Really looking forward to challenging myself and raising money for such a worthy cause.

Did you know...when i was at primary school my dad convinced me that power stations were cloud factories much to the amusement of my teachers.