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The Challenge


The Challenge


How many times can you run 5km in 24 hours?

That's what our challengers will be finding out in September. Thunder Run: Steel City 24 is the very first 24 hour run of its kind to be held within a UK city. The run will take place in Graves Park, Sheffield’s biggest city park, and will see runners of all abilities coming to test their mettle and see how many 5km laps they can achieve in a day and a night.

It will be a long hard slog, with soloists, duos and teams taking part relay style.

Our challengers will be entering in teams of different sizes depending on ability. But believe us when we say, this won't be a walk (or a run) in the park for anyone - even our strongest runners. Tackling a 5km stint at 2am is no one's idea of fun! But it's one way of raising money for Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity and that's what will keep our runners moving.

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The Runners

The Runners

The Runners

To help our runners reach their combined target for the charity, visit the team JustGiving page here to donate. Or follow the links to individual JustGiving pages below.

Thank you!

Lia Emmerson-Boot , ASK4  > Lia's JustGiving page

Lia Emmerson-Boot, ASK4
> Lia's JustGiving page

Ross Bray , (formerly) ASK4

Ross Bray, (formerly) ASK4

Jon Burrows , ASK4

Jon Burrows, ASK4

Elliott Hughson , ASK4  

Elliott Hughson, ASK4

Jon Thornhhill , ASK4

Jon Thornhhill, ASK4

Hollie Gillatt , ASK4

Hollie Gillatt, ASK4

Reagan Worsnop , ASK4  

Reagan Worsnop, ASK4

Sam Fourie , ASK4

Sam Fourie, ASK4

Chris Ellis , ASK4

Chris Ellis, ASK4

Neill Birchenall , BirchenallHowden

Neill Birchenall, BirchenallHowden

Andy Davidson , Asteroid International

Andy Davidson, Asteroid International

Chris Bridle , ASK4

Chris Bridle, ASK4

Matt Evans , ASK4

Matt Evans, ASK4