Patient Stories

Without Weston Park Hospital I would not have beaten cancer twice and my little girls would not have their Mummy – thank you.
— Anon
What a wonderful hospital with dedicated and caring staff. We are so lucky to have this facility on our doorstep.
— Stephen and Karen
Staff go above and beyond to give the most loving care and comfort that’s needed in the darkest hours.
— Trish
My Dad actually enjoyed coming for his radiotherapy, all the staff were so nice and helpful. Thank you so much.
— Sarah
If it wasn’t for Weston Park Hospital I wouldn’t be here today to share my life with my wonderful family. I will be forever grateful to Prof Colman, Miss Wild and the nursing staff... there are no words to describe how thankful I am to you.
— Anon
Absolutely amazing hospital and fantastic caring staff. I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease in 2001, with the technology and the unbelievable Prof Hancock (my hero) this place saved my life, and I appreciate every single day that I have.
— Jane