The money raised by 4Challenge 2016 will be used to fund Weston Park Hospital’s Complementary Therapies Project.

The therapies provided include massage, reflexology, reiki, hypnotherapy / relaxation, shiatsu and auricular acupuncture, and we know it makes a huge difference patients' lives.

Speaking of the project, Cancer Support Centre Manager, Karen Holmes explained:

"The Cancer Support Centre provides a safe haven for patients and their carers. The Big C is still a big concern - it's very scary and it turns people's lives upside down. Providing complementary therapies gives space and time for the patient and the carer to get their heads round it, and it also helps to manage the different side effects from the cancer treatments that they undergo."

Our target is to raise £33,000 to fund this valuable project for one year - a project that will touch the lives of many.

"We're currently looking at 1 in 3 people who will be affected by cancer in their lifetime. By 2020 it will be 1 in 2. With the population growing and life expectancy extending, more and more people are battling cancer, and so the hospital's requirements are going to be much greater too." Darren Hayes, Weston Park Hospital Charity

The simple truth is...

...without fundraising Weston Park Hospital will not have the funds required to run many of the support and research projects that are currently transforming lives.

Supporting 4Challenge and the Complementary Therapies Project is just one way you can help.

Please take a look at the challenge we're about to face and donate to the cause.

If every adult in Sheffield gave just £1...

Thank you.