On the 380 mile route of 4Challenge, one thing made a HUGE difference... our branded team cycling kit. It might sound like a small thing but it made a massive difference.

Looking Good

To begin with it was designed with help from the children at Hinde House Primary School. Their creative input was inspirational and the final design looked first class. If you are wondering about the dinosaur, this is for you.

Wearing the kit on each day also really helped us feel like a team. It was like putting on a uniform - all part of the same pack. It also made us highly visible and look entirely professional! Even if we didn't feel like a pro cycling team on the uphill slogs, the kit gave passersby by the confidence to ask us what we were doing and why. Fantastic.

They Made It Happen

Finally, the kit was sponsored by two generous ASK4 partners. Legal advisers to ASK4, Irwin Mitchell, and key strategic partners, Virgin Media Business, were our kit co-sponsored and we were were proud to don their logos. Without their support we would have all been wearing old training gear! 

Huge thanks to all at Irwin Mitchell and Virgin Media Business.  You were part of making it happen and helping us raise thousands of pounds for Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity.