The 4Challenge team are just days away from the start of their adventure.  

With physio support being provided by The White House Physiotherapy Clinic, physio Steve Canning offers some final pieces of advice that will certainly come in handy for the 380 mile ride.

Steve's Top Tips


Cycling requires a sustained posture for a prolonged period of time. This can lead to some aches from tight postures. When you have a rest it’s a good idea to stretch out and move the neck, back, arms and legs away from the position they have been held in for a long time (i.e. turning your head from side to side, and arching your back into extension a few times can all help). Using a foam roller at the end of the day is a good way to perform some self massage, which can loosen tight muscles up.


You may find that using kinesiology tape for specific muscles is useful to help support good postures and avoid aggravating positions. Taping can also be used to help support muscles that have been injured or are causing discomfort.


Muscles can ache after a hard day in the saddle. Wearing compression clothing and having a massage at the end of the day can help speed the recovery process, ready for getting back into the saddle the next morning.


Nutrition is an important factor when it comes to endurance events. Consider regular hydration during the ride and taking on enough fuel each day. You also need to consider taking on plenty of protein at the end of the day to help rebuild your depleted muscles.

Bike Fit

Make sure that you are comfortable with your cycle position. If you have any problems with it, a bike fitting may be a worthwhile investment. Sometimes just a minor alteration can make all the difference to your comfort on the bike.


The better your pedaling technique, the more efficient you will be when riding. Consider assessing your ability on a Wattbike to get the correct feedback you need to improve.

The White House Physiotherapy Clinic will be providing advice and support before and during 4Challenge. Thanks to Vivomed and SportTape who have donated the equipment supplies for the team.