by Lia E Boot

4Challenge is a very personal challenge for me.  I'm taking on the 380 mile ride for my Aunt and my husband’s grandfather who both lost their fight with cancer in 2014 within the space of 9 weeks. 

My Aunt was my inspiration. She was such a strong fighter and many will agree a very determined person. She spent many days in and out of hospital for treatment, and I wanted to do something to take her mind off things.

So I decided to tackle her garden! My Aunt's garden was huge and hadn't been touched for years. 


At the time I didn't realise how much of a project it was going to be... 8 feet of brambles, 3 feet of grass, overgrown trees, and a carpet of moss on the patio just to get to the back gate! Every day I could I would go down to the house and each time I took photos and wrote stories about how it was going - how many frogs I'd had to move back into the pond in case I squished them with the strimmer, or how I got attacked by a bat which I disturbed in the outhouse that then got caught in my hair (the bat was fine by the way!)

For 2 years she received over 600 before and after photos along with these stories.

On Saturday 30th August 2014, the day before she passed away, I sat at her bedside. She never once complained about the pain and still had so much strength in her as she held my hand.

Lia is taking on #4Challenge

Lia is taking on #4Challenge

I know that thinking of my Aunt and husband's grandfather, along with raising money to support research and improve treatment for others living with cancer, will give me the strength and determination I need to press on when the miles get tough.

So far training is going well, although there was one very sketchy moment when a sheep got in my way on an uphill climb. But I am determined not to give up on my 4Challenge ride.

Every penny makes a massive difference, so if you can sponsor the us, please do. THANK YOU!