When we started ASK4, the founding principle was really simple.

Make some money, have some fun and do some good. That principle is still embedded in everything we do.

When Jon Thornhill came to me with the idea for the inaugural 4Challenge event and asked me if I wanted to take part, I thought it sounded crazy. But it somehow got under my skin. A few days later, I found myself saying 'yes' – and then after a decent Christmas break, I found myself waddling up the hills north of Sheffield, having not ridden seriously for several years.

Work hard and cycle harder...

I'm still not sure it will fall in to the 'fun' category, but it's great to be out training for such a worthy cause. Even if it does mean early morning rides in the snow!

The best part of my job is working with people who are smart, passionate and almost unfailingly good humoured. This is an absolute must, given what we are undertaking!

It has honestly been a pleasure to watch how people have come forward to volunteer, both as riders and in critical support roles, to help raise money for Weston Park. It’s a cause that has touched so many of our lives.

The hard work is already well underway. The team training has already taken on a slightly competitive edge, with the riders all anxiously watching collective progress on Strava, and pushing for extra miles in the saddle and extra hills climbed.

I’ve recently spoken to a number of the staff nurses and read some of the patients’ stories. It’s reminded me how fortunate we are to be able to head out on our bikes every weekend.

... Now I'd best go and do half an hour on the turbo trainer!

Jonathan Burrows
ASK4 Managing Director