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About Us

4Challenge was established in 2015 to support those who find themselves battling cancer through raising significant funds for Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity. Like many who seek to stand alongside those going through unimaginable suffering, we wanted to find a way to challenge ourselves – physically, mentally and emotionally.

And so 4Challenge was born

In 2015 and 2016 we took on two enormous cycling challenges and raised over £70,000, and we continue on our mission to raise at least £100,000 for Weston Park.

Jon Thornhill
4Challenge Founder

Every day I wake up to an amazing wife and three beautiful children. My wife is a primary school teacher and dedicates her life to teaching the next generation whoever they may be and from whatever background – they are all equal in her eyes. My children are fit and healthy and have the world at their feet. I am also fortunate to work for ASK4, an inspiring company where opportunity and success is available for everyone. The founder, Jonathan Burrows, is a motivating example of where hard work and determination can take you. It is natural to take this for granted from time to time but it only takes one heart wrenching moment to provide you with a sensible reality check and make you appreciate what you have.  

Watching people you care about suffer can make you feel helpless and look for any way to make a tangible difference.

One example of this was watching a close friend lose his brother to a very aggressive form of cancer in a very short space of time. It’s also more than likely that my life will be touched again by more personal health challenges, either for myself or someone close to me, before my time is up. Watching people you care about suffer can make you feel helpless and look for any way to make a tangible difference. It is for this reason that I decided to do something to help others along their way and set up 4Challenge. I hope you can catch the vision and get involved. It doesn’t take much - but it does make a HUGE difference.

Thank you.


Jon Thornhill
ASK4 Ltd Director

Ask4 General-003 (1).jpg

The team

The team

the team


Jon Thornhill

4Challenge founder, Jon Thornhill, is a Director at ASK4 – an expert internet service provider specialising in student accommodation. Moved by the work of Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity, he thought thought he might as well add fundraising to an already hectic schedule. Well, why not...

Reagan Worsnop

Reagan is assistant to the ASK4 Directors, and as we all know, not much gets done without the hard working administrators plugging away behind-the-scenes. What doesn’t Reagan do for 4Challenge? You get the idea.



Jess Glover

Jess is Marketing and Communications Manager at ASK4 and takes care of all things digital for 4Challenge from the website to social media. 4Challenge is a fantastic story and one we want to share

Revo Creative

4Challenge had to look good, so we looked no further than Revo Creative. Owner David McNeill is kindly donating his creativity to produce all things visual. A fantastic branding and graphics company with an extensive portfolio - worth a look.

Fluid HD

Tony and his team at Fluid HD make 4Challenge film magic, generously donating their time to capture the spirit and purpose of the ride, both before we hit the road and while we pedal.